Gestalt Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques

by Dave Mann

It felt like an exhaustive index of Gestalt fundamentals, which will likely make this one of my professional ‘textbooks’ from now on. I came to this book after experiencing some essentials of Gestalt therapy in coaching and group interventions. I have been on the lookout for sound literature on this discipline that has depth and is accessible. This book was it – and much more. It named and explained the theories that underlie what I experienced.

There are many of these 100 Points that I could not comprehend or appreciate, because listing them this way inevitably sacrifices some context. These are the parts of the book took me much more effort to read. Some of the other points are just beyond my learning and experience at this moment. At the very least, my eyes were opened to what exists; I know what I didn’t know.

If I did it again, I would not try to read vast swathes of this book at a time. I might pick from the Contents page what interests me, and follow the links to related Points (the author includes plenty of these throughout the book). Of course, I’m also well aware that whatever I read has to be practiced and experienced in real-life for it to be truly integrated.

Aside from the technical learning, I’m also grateful for the humility and openness that I perceived in the author’s writing; for the nature of its content, this is a relatively easy book to read. The author took effort to avoid unnecessary, ‘ivory-tower’ text.