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Style & Approach

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My Style

I am known to be a very good listener, though I will not allow my clients or myself to get stuck in their stories. I interrupt when the need arises, to ask questions that help the client discover new points of view. 

Clients find it easy to feel safe with me, to say what’s on their minds without fear of being judged. I maintain this safety while being direct with my feedback, through genuine curiosity and compassion. 

Discomfort is a beacon for me, pointing my client and myself to rich territories of learning. I have never been able to help a client who wasn’t willing to get uncomfortable. As such, I encourage my clients to anticipate and even head towards discomfort. It is where transformation happens. 

I am essentially your facilitator and companion, as you embark on a journey of discovery – which leads to new awareness, and in turn, leads to breakthroughs. What is noteworthy here is that this journey involves uncertainty; we do not know where we will pass through, and where we will end up. I do not have a pre-planned destination or conclusion for you, because you will formulate your own wisdom, to cater to your own life. My knowledge, skills and concepts are merely tools we use to get you there. 

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC®). The latter points to my training as an ontological coach; because of it, I have a wider range of options to help my clients with, fluidly switching between different ways to help my them in their sense-making. I’m also I’m also the first Embodied Yoga Principles Certified Coach in Asia. I can work with you regardless of whether you are more in touch with your words, feelings or physical sensations. I support you to become more resilient so you can thrive in this post-COVID, VUCA world.

The “human mirror” that I am for my clients is a sum of my life experiences as an entrepreneur, youth educator, artist, animator, trainer, animation producer, and facilitator; and also that of a son, husband, father, and recovering perfectionist.

My Approach

In my work as an ontological life coach, I view the being – the ‘Who’ – of my client as being made up of three different aspects: language, emotion and body:

  • Language: what you say to others and to yourself
  • Emotion: what motivates you to do anything and everything
  • Body: the physical and visual part of you that is felt and seen by yourself and others

This is a huge advantage! Most coaches operate only in speech – that is, language. That’s great, until… it’s not. The client could be at a loss for words, or is stuck in their own logical space where they are talking themselves into a corner, justifying why they are unable to move on. In such situations, it can turn into competition of debating skills. It’s not productive and becomes tiring very quickly. 

Fortunately, I can help my clients make sense of what they are facing and devise their own way forward by examining and working with their emotions and moods. Dramatic shifts can also happen when they discover that the way they “hold” themselves in their bodies can affect their thoughts and emotions. This is one of the benefits of working with an ontological life coach. 

The ontological coaching model is one that is resourceful and flexible. Because of this, my clients and I have a wide range of tools and strategies for achieving breakthroughs.

Ontological Life Coach That Specializes in Communication & Confidence

Over my years of practice, I have built up a specialization in communication and confidence. I did not choose this; it happened to be the most emergent work for most of my clients, regardless of whether they came to me for “executive coaching”, “relationship coaching” or “life coaching”.

Throughout, I take an ontological approach to my coaching, helping my clients achieve the changes they want in flexible and efficient ways.

Here’s what ontological coaching is about, in detail.

"A coach helps you hear what you don’t want to hear, see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you've always known you could be."

~ Tom Landry