Most people might identify ‘coach’ with sports. A sports coach’s job is to get you to be better at the sport, and usually with the aim of progressing competitively.

A life coach’s job is to aid you in getting what you want out of life – a version of your life that you would personally describe as ‘better’.

For me, it has always made sense that ‘life’ includes career. So I will support you with your professional goal as well. In fact, with nearly all my clients, we inevitably explore personal and professional territories. After all, it is the same person showing up at home and at the office.

So how can a life coach help me, you might wonder? Well, read on below.

Get Unstuck

From time to time, you may find yourself ‘stuck’ in issues which repeatedly cause you suffering. I use broad term suffering to refer to anything from dissatisfaction and stagnation, to fear and anger, or general unhappiness. It can take the form of mild, unpleasant feelings, or dramatic, tangible losses; whatever they are, you are suffering for it. You devise ways to cope or to rid yourself of the issues, but they persist. You cannot seem to “figure it out”.

I can help you discover what is getting you stuck, and facilitate your attempts to get yourself ‘unstuck’ from these issues. I’m like the mirrors on your vehicle, giving you a glimpse into your blind spots so you can finally navigate yourself out of the corner and onto the road of self mastery.

Achieve Your Goals

This is obviously a hot favorite. It could be for anything you wish to achieve in your life. For most of my clients, this concerns their career, or some significant work. You may have a milestone or target in mind and you are trying hard to figure out how to get there. Or you already may have made some attempts; you are motivated and you believe 100% you are capable of it… but somehow are still missing the mark.

A lot of hardworking people can be thoroughly motivated and still struggle. As an ontological life coach, I won’t focus on more “tips and tools and tricks”, but instead guide you as you look deeper than your motivation and uncover the invisible stuff that may be limiting you at your very core.

Build Greater Confidence & See New Possibilities

While it seems that the people around you are already taking action and working hard on plans to reach their goals, you are having difficulty even believing that you have what it takes. You may feel that you lack something – something you need in order to take action, or to perform as well as you’d like. You might be feeling you’ve come up to your limits and yet, you know you are capable of more, but you just can’t see how.

Often, when we dig deep enough, we discover that the limits that really make a difference are the ones that exist in our minds. I can assist you in discovering and understanding yours. As your life coach, you’ll have my help in dismantling them, or move around them, if you wish. You may even discover possibilities and goals better than what you thought you wanted! This is a huge part of self mastery.

Improve Relationships

You have someone – a friend, a relative, a coworker – with whom you often experience suffering. Your interactions result in a less-than-pleasant or even hostile responses. You will gladly not see this person ever again, but alas, that’s not possible. You may wish to fix things, but can’t even figure where to start. Emotions may be overwhelming you to a point where you don’t feel safe enough to take action.

I can show you ways of taking care of yourself as an individual, so that you can become part of a healthy, fulfilling relationship. I can assist you in making your relationships ‘cleaner’ so you can be authentic and productive around the people you need to work or live with. As such work often cross into the use of self, clients may find themselves able to positively impact others as well.

Gain Clarity for Your Motivations & Needs

Never-ending striving and hustling may have left you fatigued and wondering if this is indeed what you want. Things might have been different when you first started out, compared to how they are now. It may feel like you’re approaching a new chapter in your life. You are not sure what you really want or what you need in order to take care of yourself for the years ahead.

The rate of change in the world only seems to get quicker as days go by, resulting in the frequent need to realign yourself to the possibilities that have gone and come. I can help you to cultivate a practice of being in touch with your inner self, so that you have awareness of your core motivations and the narratives that drive you. You can then consciously design those narratives to serve your motivations.

Become a Better Leader

Last but certainly not least, this is another sought-after development goal that a life coach often hears. Leadership is a highly-touted trait nowadays; it is demanded by employers, offered by training institutes, but remains a rigorous practice that needs to be maintained and tweaked according to time, place and purpose.

How can a life coach help me in this area? Much akin to relationships, the leader must have his or her own stuff sorted out, in order to function effectively as the head of the pack. The work that I do with clients here centers on use of self in an organizational setting and self-mastery. In other words, self-leadership. Think about it: as a leader aspiring to lead others, shouldn’t you be able to first lead yourself into resourceful states that serve the goals you seek? As an ontological life coach, I will add tremendous value to your growth, as well as your toolkit as a leader.

Did any of the above reasons resonate with you? If it did, then you’re in good company, with the rest of humanity! If you have unique needs that haven’t been covered above, ask me here, and I will be happy to speak to you privately.

"It's not the load that breaks you down. It's how you carry it."

~ Lou Holtz