Life Coach in Singapore

Hi! I’m Ellery, an ontological life coach based in Singapore. My interest is in helping you to live life with less suffering and more freedom!

I’m an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF and a Newfield Certified Coach. I can help you to get unstuck from problems and achieve goals, such as, to increase confidence, improve relationships, to manage emotions and to strengthen leadership.

Over the years, the online searches for “life coach Singapore” have seen an increase. You may have made a similar search yourselftransformational coach, executive coach, relationship coach, career coach, etc – that landed you here. Did curiosity bring you? Or do you have something specific that you are looking for? Regardless of how you ended up here, I welcome you.

What my Clients Say

Here are the testimonials of some of my clients, as shared in their own words.

Regardless of whether it was executive coaching or life coaching, they experienced real changes because we focused on what matters most – inner work.

I did 10 sessions with Ellery and it was actually very life-changing for me. Each and every session was jam-packed with the guidance and new perspectives I sorely needed. Some even of things I didn't even know were a block for me. I really enjoyed how Ellery always made me feel very heard and never once told me what to do. Instead, the self-discoveries he led me on were a lot more impactful that I had ever expected. It led me to form better habits in my career, at home, socially. I would recommend Ellery to everyone. Working with him was highly worth the investment as I am left with so many tools I can use for a lifetime and I have been freed in many ways.

Rachel Wan | Singapore


I just finished a session with Ellery where he provided incredibly useful guidance in his coaching capacity. I have been struggling with certain decisions with regards to my career and Ellery helped to recognize key points of resistance as well as enthusiasm that unlocked the ability for me to develop insight. I felt supported and challenged without being stressed which was a class act in itself. I would definitely recommend Ellery as someone to work with as a coach where you need someone who is willing to care and be present while providing sharp observations and guidance.

Rovik Robert | Singapore

Senior Associate, Business Environment, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

I started my first coaching experience with El in November 2019 I remember I felt instantly connected to El on my first session and I felt safe to open up to someone fully for the first time. As someone who is always looking to improve myself as a person, I have spent at least hundreds of hours on self help books and videos but El managed to provide me with realisations about myself and practical steps on how to overcome each limiting thoughts/belief in just a short 2 hours session. El has helped me make many breakthrough that I didn't knew I needed. Through my experiences with him, I felt that the methods and guidance that was provided by El are very personalised to my own life and needs. The first few sessions were about detecting and picking up thoughts and believes that are not steering me towards the results in life that I want. There were definitely breakthroughs during the first few sessions but I knew that it was not enough but it was enough for me to see the importance of coaching, which made me motivated to see this through. I decided to take up the 10 sessions with El and I have gained more value than I expected. They have manifested in my business, my relationship with my love ones and most importantly, the relationship with myself. Some of the examples include the power of choices, being more mindful of our languages and what words we use to label ourselves, understanding on how changing our body posture can affect our emotions and many more invaluable tools to help me in my day to day life. El was able to explain these tools to me in a way that I can relate and understand easily. He explains it with such passion that it inspires interest and curiosity in me to find out more. What fascinates me the most is the space that El is able to hold. When I am in the room with El, naturally things that I don't feel or think about starts to surface and I was able to pour them out safely to El without any fear of judgement and without the fear it that it may be too messy as he was able to pick and select the tip of the string from the mental knot. El does not give me any opinionated solutions but rather, he paints a mind map and make my thoughts and feelings so clear in front of me that I'll know how to intervene them based on what I want in my life. These has helped me to be more confident in life as El has helped me see the "matrix" of life, like how he has handed me a map and an instruction manual so I can better manage and understanding of my body, mind, emotion and my life. I start to see the importance of being able to voice out your thoughts and feelings to someone who is professionally trained and have them arranged and explained. If I were to summarise the 3 things that I have took away from El's coaching sessions, it'll be clarity, interest/curiosity and confidence. You're doing an amazing job El! I sincerely do hope people start to see value in your work as it is literally life changing!

Andy Yeo | Singapore

Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist, Optimus Animal Rehabilitation

Coach El has helped me move away from my All or Nothing attitude in my professional life by providing me with easy-to-use tools and a range of possible outcomes to focus on rather than a weakly perceived, rigid one. The main tools are my body language, breathing exercise and posturewhen I engage with my clients, candidates and colleagues. The sessions help me to align what my brain wants and how I can tap my body langauage as well as verbal language effectively to acheive the desired outcomes. Coach El has helped me through a difficult and frustrating second half of 2020 caused by the global pandemic as each session has been freeing in helping me 'see' that different outcomes can be seen with positivity. The rigidity and short-sightedness of the previous lens I used to 'wear' has been slowly replaced by a softer, gentler and more flexible pair of glasses through which I try and view the world today. Thanks a ton, Coach El.

Jag Dhaliwall | Malaysia / Singapore

Co-founder & Managing Director, Principal Partners

My coaching experience with Ellery was definitely very good for me. I felt really heard and guided into this assertive approach of the Body / Emotion / Language, how they all must grow together. I actually felt a difference in my posture and its positive consequences, either in myself or in the communication with others.

I do trust Ellery to coach me, I’ve found him to be very professional, focused in my best interests, always leading me to know more about myself and my behaviour. I find him to be a good coach, as he has this accurate understanding on the many issues that we talked about in our sessions and is able to address them assertively.

I definitely recommend Ellery as a coach, to anyone who wants to deal better with their challenges in life.

Marlene Gonçalves | Portugal

Secretariat, Jaime Freitas, Advogado

When I was first introduced to coaching, I was doubtful about the idea of it as I knew nothing much about it and could not imagine the great impact it would have on my life. I also imagined it to be quite scary to open up to someone with my own thoughts (that I tend to judge myself for).

This is why a good coach is very important and I am so glad I met El. He always manages to create a very safe space for me to speak up and he has made my journey of self-work more enjoyable than I imagined it to be. Every session leaves me more curious and excited to work on the areas that initially felt so entangled and heavy.

The greatest benefit I got from our coaching would be the ability to replace harmful self criticisms with acceptance and love. This single internal change alone has brought many visible results in different aspects of my life - my emotional and mental health, productivity at work and my relationships.

So, THANK YOU EL! You’re a really awesome coach and inspiring person. My self-work will continue because of you. Keep doing what you do!

Tan Hui-Ling | Singapore

Area General Manager, Nefful International

Hi Ellery, just wanted to say a big “thank you" on your coaching over the past few months.

I’m glad that I have decided to work with you. It is really great how easy to be open with you to share with you my thoughts and in the process, you are sharp and could identify with me the perspectives that I didn’t see for myself. It’s like I have a mirror now to look at the blindspots that I have missed or undiscovered.

Your coaching has also helped me to reconnect and realigned deeply with my thoughts, which brings CLARITY that has moved me to be effective in life, in areas of my work, in my relationships and my confidence.

In applying simple techniques that you shared with me, I overcame the anxiety to speak with people of higher social status.

Thank you again and would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great coach, who wants to better themselves. Cheers 😉

Richard Woo | Singapore

Senior Financial Consultant, Prudential Assurance Company

My experience and journey thus far with Ellery as my life coach had been a really fruitful and fulfilling one. What was really assuring to me since day one was that Ellery would always stress that the goal wasn't really to change me as a person completely, or to push pieces of advice to me in a way that would seem compelling for me to act upon. Instead, he puts it across to me that who I currently already am; in my area and range, is already sufficient enough. What he strives to do with me is to open up another side of the range that is either an opposite or contrasting to what I have within my current range. Gaining success in this endeavour would grant me more choices and alternatives to choose from when I’m faced with a situation in my everyday life that requires a direct/indirect respond from me.

The journey had since pushed me out of my comfort zone in both the areas of private self-work like meditation and personal reflection to everyday outward-facing moments like dealing with challenges such as situational restrictions, to managing relationships with different personality types. I have to say coaching with Ellery had definitely given me less suffering in my everyday life; more control; as well as the space to be bold to explore better alternatives and approaches and be capable of certain other ranges that would bring me results which previously, I would not have imagined them to be possible for me.

Jasper Toh | Singapore

Regional Marketing Portfolio Analyst, CooperVision

Within a session, Ellery had helped to highlight various patterns in my behaviours and thoughts, which had previously remained overlooked or blatantly ignored. As a psychologist, I often identify patterns in others, but working with Ellery helped me to realise that there are always blindspots when it comes to oneself. We really don't know what we don't know, and it's always good to have another person's objective point of view. It was a really useful session, and I came out of it with valuable insights into my situation.

Sylvie Lian | Singapore

Clinical Psychologist, Community Psychology Hub

I was looking for a personalised and targeted solution for anxiety because reading and watching content for the masses was not exactly working anymore. Ellery was able to sieve out painpoints quickly and provide targeted customised advice in every session. I always came out of each session motivated and more equipped to face those challenges. Having a personal coach is definitely more effective in helping me organise my thoughts and road to self improvement. Thank you Ellery!

Eliza Teo | Singapore

Investment Manger, UOB

Receiving coaching is a first time experience for me. With Ellery, his coaching enabled me to explore my thoughts with more clarity. The questions he asked does not make me feel defensive and awkward. Overall, it was quite comfortable and easy to communicate without the fear of being judged by him.

The sessions were professionally conducted and he listens attentively and mindfully. Coaching made me aware that I have blind spots that I would otherwise not know unless its pointed out by someone whom I can trust and feel vulnerable with. What I find useful is when he points out alternative perspectives that I would have otherwise not thought on my own.

I would recommend coaching for anyone who is stuck in life or having issues seeing things with clarity. It certainly saves a lot of time figuring out your own head and flaws on your own.

Rei Lim | Malaysia

Marketing Manager, Transtel Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.

I highly recommend choosing Ellery. He has the ability to listen and to ask the right questions to help me see my actual potential or problems. He has helped me to reach my goals and given me great advice. Thank you!

Jacqueline Lau | Singapore

Marketing Manager

I engaged Ellery as a life coach during time of struggle. I was feeling lost and needed to find clarity in life. Also, running a business and leading can be stressful. The internal voices can quickly push you to a state of distress. Throughout our coaching duration, Ellery has helped to unroot the tension that I’m feeling by going deep to the root cause, changing the stories that I’m telling myself and empowered me with tools and ideas to shift my emotional state of mind during downtimes. Tough times are the test of emotion fitness. When I recognise, understand and started managing the emotions, clarity begins to emerge. As a business owner and leader, it feels easier to make certain decisions and this translates into clarity for the team. I believe there are many more good things to come as I practice and apply the lessons learned. Thank you for the wonderful sessions!

Eric Chan | Malaysia

Founder, RecursiveX

Ellery was really calm and collected, which provided a stable space for me to share my struggles. He was able to recognise emotions well and helped me to gain more distinctions and clarity about them, which allowed me to understand what I needed to work on. Thanks Ellery for the enlightening session!

Priscilla Ng | Singapore

Nurse & Medical Student, National University Hospital

Ellery has helped me reframe the way I perceive myself in relation to the world. I hadn't realised how much of my perceptions were really the result of self-talk and assumptions. Ellery points out the language I use and how it affects the way I feel when I interact with the world. On a more tangible level, coaching with Ellery enabled me to manage my feelings of burnout during the COVID19 crisis as well as paying attention to my posture and physical stance. I was able to be more assertive in my requests to my colleagues and managers. And I’ve been able to adopt a more relaxed stance both physically and mentally to issues at work.

Vikram Ramankutty | India / Singapore

Design Thinker & UX Evangelist, Bosch

As a client, I get to set the topic for the session. It is super focused and with Ellery's guidance, I was able to gain clarity and become "unstuck". The solutions are immediately applicable and I feel good that, if I ever get stuck again, I know I can repeat the process and overcome the obstacles.

If, like me, you want to gain some super powers to overcome your obstacles in life, I encourage you to start coaching with Ellery!

Mariyya Ja'afar | Singapore

Financial Services Consultant, Legacy FA Pte. Ltd.

I had a very good experience with El. He provided a safe space for me to share my problems and asked me various questions to help me view things from different perspectives. El demonstrated a lot of empathy during our sessions and truly cares for his clients by following up after. I would recommend El to people who are searching for clarity in their struggles as well as those who wants to take an active role in self-improvement. Thanks El!

Lynn Teo | Singapore

Procurement Manager SEA, Coty

During an initial 2hrs zoom call, Ellery caught me using words which indicated how my limiting beliefs were restricting me in my life.

As we continued for more sessions, Ellery helped me identify various breakdowns and offered valuable insights and perspectives coupled with session practice to help me overcome them. I personally have a set of struggles with feeling tense in situations which do not call for it.

With Ellery's help, I could better see and assess and be aware that I have inbuilt automatic responses and this knowledge allows me to pick and choose how I want to react. There were many small 'wow' moments for me as I never saw things from a different perspective.

Ellery possess a broad spectrum of knowledge and wisdom in the field of personal coaching and definitely one to consult for personal growth and breakthroughs.

Jacky Lim | Singapore

Master Financial Consultant, Prudential Assurance Company

Less Suffering & More Freedom

Through a Life Coach With An Ontological Approach

We thought we understood our world.

We used to navigate life based on the core, unshakable truths we shared. Our decisions were guided by the collective wisdom of government, religion and family, so even in the face of mysteries and challenges, there was a baseline of certainty.

But now, radical new ‘truths’ emerge every other day. As our communities are fragmented by ambiguities, we are pushed to make sense of the world individually. And despite being overwhelmed by information, we know less and fear more.

Therefore, having the support of a personal coach can be highly advantageous if you wish to thrive in this VUCA world. Good coaching is a form of continuous learning that’s personalized for your challenges. A professional coach also provides you a space to process your emotions safely and to formulate your strategies creatively.

As your life coach, I can bring you these benefits, but above all, I will guide you to expand your self-awareness. This will grow your inner resources, and enable you to see possibilities that you couldn’t see before.

Your circumstances may remain uncertain, but you can become more resilient.

The Rise of Coaching

(or, why I would want a life coach)

The increasing number of searches for life coaches is not just happening in Singapore. It is part of a larger trend that is rapidly growing in various developed countries for the following reasons:

  • Automation, the internet and social media quicken the pace of life and raise expectations to overwhelming levels
  • The world grows more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCAby the day
  • The preference for individualization over traditional institutions (such as government, religion and family), resulting in people having to navigate a VUCA world independently
  • Post-COVID, professional and personal communities become even smaller and more decentralized, increasing the need to be competent at use of self to manage relationships
  • Feeling alone, despite being connected 24/7. This can be especially true for people in leadership positions, as they may have no one to confide in safely
  • “High-tech, low-touch” – our interactions become less personable and empathetic as internet culture continues to shape the physical world, exacerbated by COVID-19

As we scramble to cope – and hopefully, to flourish – under the above factors, we inevitably run into proverbial brick walls that we just cannot seem to get over. They could be big, dramatic events, or issues that are more low-key but consistently show up in certain areas of your life.

They could be matters that are external, or something we are holding in our minds (or hearts). It could be a boss that you just cannot seem to please; a co-worker who you just can’t seem to get along with; a friend or family member who repeatedly “triggers” you; or something inside you that you feel is lacking, or preventing you from “moving on”.

Wisdom & New Learning

You sense that there is a need to work on yourself, and may have turned to resources such as self development books, training programs and the internet to better your inner self. This is good awareness, and I congratulate you for it.

The internet can be a handy resource. But while Googling and watching YouTube may get you information, that’s not the same as wisdom. It takes wisdom – knowing how to make use of information – to make real breakthroughs.

To survive in a world that changes nearly on a daily basis, we need to be able to look at things anew. This hinges on our ability for learning – learning that’s not one-size-fits-all, but customized for each individual. Learning that arises from awareness of self and of others.

Coaching is the process where such learning and wisdom for an individual is generated.

AI may become more and more advanced, but it takes a human soul to truly understand another, and to reflect that understanding through empathy and insight. This acting as a “human mirror” is the unique offering of a good life coach. Jack Ma alluded to this when he spoke about “LQ” – the quotient of love.

Start Tapping Into Your Personal Wisdom

See what coaching with me is like, in a free ‘chemistry session’.