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Looking to overcome tough challenges? Feeling the limits of your potential, but knowing you are capable of more? Wishing for more clarity and freedom of mind?

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Life Coach in Singapore

Hi! I’m Ellery. I am an ontological life coach based in Singapore. My interest is in helping you to live life with less suffering and more joy!

Working with me can get you unstuck from problems, increase your confidence, achieve your goals, improve your relationships and become a more effective leader.

Over the years, the online searches for “life coach Singapore” have seen an increase. You may have made a similar search yourselftransformational coach, executive coach, relationship coach, career coach, etc – that landed you here. Did curiosity bring you? Or do you have something specific that you are looking for? Regardless of how you ended up here, I welcome you.

The Rise of Coaching

(or, why do I need a life coach?)

The increasing number of searches for life coaches is not just happening in Singapore. It is part of a larger trend that is rapidly growing in various developed countries for the following reasons:

  • Automation, the internet and social media quicken the pace of life and raise expectations to overwhelming levels
  • The world grows more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCAby the day
  • The preference for individualization over traditional institutions (such as government, religion and family), resulting in people having to navigate a VUCA world independently
  • Professional and personal communities become smaller and more decentralized, increasing the need to be competent at use of self to manage relationships
  • Feeling alone, despite being connected 24/7. This can be especially true for people in leadership positions, as they may have no one to confide in safely
  • “High-tech, low-touch” – our interactions become less personable and empathetic as internet culture continues to shape the physical world

As we scramble to cope – and hopefully, to flourish – under the above factors, we inevitably run into proverbial brick walls that we just cannot seem to get over. They could be big, dramatic events, or issues that are more low-key but consistently show up in certain areas of your life.

They could be matters that are external, or something we are holding in our minds (or hearts). It could be a boss that you just cannot seem to please; a co-worker who you just can’t seem to get along with; a friend or family member who repeatedly “triggers” you; or something inside you that you feel is lacking, or preventing you from “moving on”.

Wisdom & New Learning

You sense that there is a need to work on yourself, and may have turned to resources such as self development books, training programs and the internet to better your inner self. This is good awareness, and I congratulate you for it.

The internet can be a handy resource. But while Googling and watching YouTube may get you information, that is not the same as wisdom. It takes wisdom – knowing how to make use of information – to make real breakthroughs.

To survive in today’s world, we require constant, new learning. It’s not just about elderly folk who learn how to use the internet in the spirit of lifelong learning; I’m talking about constantly being open to receiving new information and making sense of what we encounter in a world that changes on a daily basis. I’m referring to learning that is never complete; learning that is not one-size-fits-all, but customized for each individual; learning that stems from self-awareness.

Coaching is the process where such learning and wisdom for an individual is generated.

AI may become more and more advanced, but it takes a human soul to truly understand another, and to reflect that understanding through empathy and insight. This acting as a “human mirror” is the unique offering of a good life coach. Jack Ma alluded to this when he spoke about “LQ” – the quotient of love.

To be clear, you can be coached by anyone you trust enough: friends, employers, family members, teachers, if you have access to such people in your life. But if you prefer to keep it confidential, or if you prefer someone specifically trained for this, you can hire a professional life coach.

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