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Still curious about this Personal Resilience Workshop I told you about?
Read on below.

Do these questions resonate with you in some way?


“What if achieving my goals is less about what I do and more about how I see things?”

“What would it do for me, if I could better manage my thoughts and emotions?”

“What if I could increase the possibilities in my life and feel less stuck?”

“What if I could… feel the way I’d rather feel and just… experience less suffering, more often?” (without harming myself or others)


What is this workshop about?

This Personal Resilience Workshop is NOT:

  • motivational training
  • positive thinking / mindset
  • NLP
  • religious in nature
  • a cure-all method
  • an instant fix

It is about creating self-awareness. And the ability to continue gaining self-awareness on your own.

Detailed, deep, self-awareness.

Awareness brings choice. Choice for you to do something or be a certain way that will get you closer to your goals.

Peter Drucker said that we can only improve what we measure.

I would add that we can only change what we are aware of.

Different reasons…

Folks have attended my workshop for different reasons.

Some wish to be better leaders.
Some want better relationships.
Some want to overcome specific issues.
Some want more peace and satisfaction in life.
Some wish to help the people around them.

You may share their motivations, or have a different one of your own. It doesn’t matter.

If you attend this workshop, it’s because you are capable, creative and responsible for your goals.
Not because you are broken in some way.

What’s expected of me?

This is not a sit-and-listen class, though there will be enough framework and models to satisfy the intellectuals.
You will not only THINK, but FEEL and DO as well.

A significant portion of your learning will come from interactions with fellow participants.

You don’t need to be very clever or have any prerequisite knowledge.
You just need to be willing to work on yourself.

What you learn will be real and useful, and can serve you in every aspect of your life.

Why is Ellery doing this?

Picking up from what I texted you, my personal motivation is to share a body of knowledge which I think is truly useful with more people.

To make this easier, I planned the whole thing to be no-frills, so that costs are kept to a minimum. However, I still have to charge a fee ($120), so that I can at least cover my time and expenses.
FYI, this fee is way below my corporate rates.

Since the fee is extremely low, I am being selective about attendees. Which is why you got to know about this via a personal message from me (or someone I trust). I’d like to make sure that I’ll be working with people who are genuinely interested.

Workshop details:

Event: Personal Resilience Workshop

Day 01 ~ Sat, 26 Oct 2019, 9am – 5pm
Day 02 ~ Sun, 27 Oct 2019, 9am – 5pm
(yes, it’s two full days)

Venue: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation
96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Fee: $120 per pax

To start, we require 20 participants, confirmed by 01 October via bank transfer payment.

Sign up here —>

If you wish to attend, but are unable to make these dates, you can use the same form to indicate your interest. I will contact you for future workshops… if this private arrangement works out 🙂