Fraud Blocker My Life Coach Is My Podcast Partner: self-improvement in your 20's to 30's

At the end of our first coaching term, Aaroson shared that he wanted to create a podcast to further advocate his passion for self-development. He wanted a podcast partner, and I volunteered. I took it on as a personal challenge for my own spontaneity and perfectionism. We both agreed to churn out the episodes in the quickest time possible, without overthinking and nitpicking.


We chat about what Aaroson experienced in our life-coaching sessions. Quick-dives into the scary (and sometimes painfully-funny) challenges of life, from his point of view. Good for casual learning on career and relationships situations, especially if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s!

Note: this is not an advice column. The conversations I have with Aaroson apply to his contexts. Also, we can meander pretty far ◡̈

Ep 11 | What you miss out on by not meditating

Most of us are either conscious and occupied, or unconscious and unoccupied. This is might give rise to overwhelm and a sense of ‘lacking space’.

We chat about:

• what meditation is, and the good stuff it can bring you in practical aspects, such as focus and sleep
• how meditation can increase your ability to have more freedom over your everyday actions, by allowing you to set the tone of your day (think mood) and creating mental/emotional space to process and handle the events in your daily life.

We also share some common misconceptions of what meditation ‘should’ be, as well as our personal recommendations for meditation aids (especially if you’ve been wanting to meditate, but find it challenging).
Ep 10 | Are you a ‘good adviser’?

We chat about useful approaches to helping those around you, especially if you often have people coming to you for advice.

• what you can do when someone has repeatedly ranted / talked about the same matter to you
• how you can take care of the relationship even as the conversation approaches uncomfortable areas
• differences between advising and coaching – being aware of what you’re trying to do for the person

Ep 09 | Confidence is not as elusive as we think it is

During a coaching session with Ellery, Aaroson finally does his first IG Live, which he set as one of his personal development challenges. We reflect on what went on for him, chatting about:

• learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
• what confidence is
• why confidence is not necessarily a requisite for doing that thing you’re afraid of doing
• how doing (instead of just thinking or feeling) is a huge part of confidence
• how enlisting the support of others can help you overcome intimidating challenges

Ep 08 | Rest & relaxation – not the same thing

Aaroson shares a realization he’s had in a recent coaching session with Ellery, about his longtime habit of computer-gaming. (Speaking from his personal situation) we talk about:

• how gaming had gone from relaxing to distracting (a core of procrastination)
• how it was perpetuating frustration instead of bringing peace / satisfaction

If you aspire to be more productive, you can also listen to us chat about:
• why it’s important to distinguish between rest and relaxation
• the default mode network (in our brain) and why it’s important for being creative and accessing more mental space

Ep 07 | Coaching & therapy – what’s the difference?

Coaching and therapy are forms of professional help that are available and growing in popularity. They might have come up in your conversations… or you might even have wondered which one is for you! In this episode, we chat about some fundamental differences between the two.

• the significance of trauma and ‘emotional blocks’
• is coaching or therapy better
• should you go with coaching or therapy (or both)

Ep 06 | What is love? Baby don’t hurt me no more.

In this episode, we reach just a little deeper into the topic of dating.

We talk about the differences between attraction and love. Both are present most modern relationships, but are sometimes not recognized for what they are. Attraction tends to be effortless, while (true) love tends to be effortful. By learning how to distinguish between them, we can protect ourselves from confusion and pain.

Ep 05 | Dating – how to save yourself unnecessary heartbreak

In this episode, we chat about dating:

• How to reduce anxiety/confusion and save time when you start dating someone?
• What can you do to make break-up’s less devastating for yourself?
• What’s this old thing called courtship and how it can protect you… especially when it’s done in your ‘natural habitats’ (no, it’s not a nature documentary).
• See through the illusion of “we are made for each other” during the ‘honeymoon period’.

Ep 04 | Scheduling – not discipline but freedom?

We chat about scheduling and its role in productivity. Sounds boring? Maybe. Powerful? Most definitely.

Chances are, you’ve been told it’s good, and you’ve tried it, but it didn’t stick. If so, give yourself another go, to understand the nuances and power of scheduling, and finally make progress on that goal you’ve been holding on to. It’s a simple yet profound strategy, practiced by only the most productive few. And surprisingly, scheduling is not about constraining you. It actually gives you more freedom to do what you want to do!

We also segue into accountability, and how it can be that something extra to boost you over the finish line.

Ep 03 | How to shift yourself quickly to get on that task (follow up to Ep 02)

We do a somatic experiment, live, based on one of our descriptions in our previous episode! If procrastination is your nemesis, this episode is a must-listen for you!

Soma means ‘body’ in Greek. When Ellery uses somatic methods in his coaching, he taps into his clients’ physical and physiological aspects to help them better and more easily do what they wish to do.

If you haven’t, tune in to episode 02 where we delved into the details!

Ep 02 | Somatics – a secret anti procrastination strategy?

In this episode, we chat about somatics.

Soma means ‘body’ in Greek. When Ellery uses somatic methods in his coaching, he taps into his clients’ physical and physiological aspects to help deepen their discoveries. This can range from being aware of one’s internal bodily sensations, to shifting one’s breathing, postures and movements. This allows us to better and more easily do what we wish to do.

This may sound abstract, but we have somatic experiences every day, in many common areas of our lives. If you’ve ever noticed a change in your energy by changing your clothes or your environment, you’ve experienced shifting yourself somatically.

And if you’ve ever struggled with procrastination, this episode is a must-listen for you!

Ep 01 | Why I got a life coach (& why it’s good for me)

Aaroson is a film production crew veteran. Ellery is an ontologically-trained life coach. These podcast partners share who they are and why they created this podcast.

Aaroson recounts his very first coaching session with Ellery, and how it is different from simply talking with friends to solve his problems. He highlights memorable moments from the session and how they helped him arrive at the answers he was looking for. He also shares his many reasons for engaging a life coach, and the ongoing benefits he’d been experiencing as a result of working with Ellery.

They also chat about:

  • the difference between training (or teaching) and coaching
  • why it’s worth it to invest in life-coaching
  • what Ellery does with his clients to help them
  • Ellery’s experiences of coaching couples
  • how do you need to be as a client, in order receive the benefits of coaching
  • why Ellery chose to become a full-time, professional life-coach
  • the importance of accountability that a coach can provide

Aaroson also emphasizes multiple times that he is not hard-selling Ellery.