Fraud Blocker How an Executive Communication Coach Can Help Your Career

Why You Need an Executive Communication Coach

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, effective communication is more crucial than ever. This is where an executive communication coach can make a significant difference. Whether you’re leading a team, presenting to stakeholders, or navigating complex negotiations, the ability to convey your thoughts clearly and persuasively is essential. By honing your communication skills, an executive communication coach helps you to express yourself confidently and professionally, ensuring your message is not only heard but also understood.

the improvement of communication skills often lie in the deeper underlying factors such as emotional mastery

Often, I find what trips people up is simply the label of ‘executive’ communication. It can induce extra stress for the poor soul who believes that ‘executive communication’ exists on a different, almost-mythical plane. So in my coaching sessions, I sometimes ask this silly question: which feels easier – communicating, or executive-communicating?

When the label of ‘executive’ is omitted, it usually has the effect of reducing anxiety in the sufferer. Think about it – isn’t the essence of clear and effective communication the same, whether it is for professional purposes or for domestic interactions? In all circumstances, don’t we all want to express ourselves clearly, and to be understood accurately?

one big problem in interpersonal communication is thinking that we speak and listen in verbatim

Forgetting this might result in an unnecessary burden of making our words and utterances more ‘professional’ at the workplace.

Top Pain Points to Work on With an Executive Communication Coach

executive communication & interpersonal skills can be learnt & practiced through coaching

For many clients I’ve worked with, appearing more professional, or more ‘executive-like’ means using big words, with the intention of appearing more intelligent. However, this can easily backfire and end up obscuring the original message. This leads to prolonged – and often more frustrating – conversations. I’ve countless clients who want executive communication coaching because they’ve been given feedback in this area. Some of the most common are:

People tell me I beat around the bush, instead of getting to the point.

I receive blank looks or silence in response to what I say.

I have to rephrase and repeat myself, even for simple things.

I blank out; can’t find the right words.

People tell me I need to be ‘more confident’.

⑥ I cut short conversations; disengage as quickly as possible.

Over time, this can severely erode your confidence, and you might find yourself keeping quiet more, instead of participating with your opinions and ideas. In some cases, this can induce so much anxiety during conversations, that you might feel the urge to end the conversation as quickly as possible. Many of my clients have affirmed that it essentially feels like wanting to run away.

A Great Executive Communication Coach Will Improve Your Emotional Capacity

If you wish to have better executive communication (and I assume, to communicate like a leader), you must be able to stay in discomfort, instead of cutting the conversation short and running away.

executive communication requires emotional mastery

Over the years, I encountered many who imagine an executive communication coach helping them to express themselves within one or two sentences, without further need for clarification. While this is desirable and indeed possible (on good days), most real-life conversations are not perfect like this.

executive communication is also an act of co-creation, where two parties are trying to understand each other and coordinate action

Rather, they involve a bit of back-and-forth, not unlike two artists co-creating a sculpture. To be truly ‘professional’ in your communication, you need to be willing to jump in and get your hands messy. This is what I meant by staying in discomfort. Notice how this is emotional in nature. It’s by staying in the uncomfortable part of the conversation (where both parties are discovering what they are creating together) that you can get to a clear conclusion.

There’s more.

Important Conversations Are Emotional in Nature

Imagine yourself promoted to the post you desire. Along with the power assigned to you will also come the responsibility of taking care of people. And taking care of people, if you realize, essentially means taking care of emotions. It definitely does not mean coddling them or giving in to every insecurity, but it does mean being willing to do the work of acknowledging diverse views and influencing your team to move in a unified direction. Notice how this is emotional in nature as well. Big words (about facts, SOPs, and concepts) don’t move people. People are more likely to move when they feel understood.

effective executive communication requires emotional mastery

Making a person feel understood is no petty endeavor. It requires the leader to come into contact with opposing and uncomfortable views without immediately shutting them down. Based on my experience, executive communication coaching is not complete without working on this ability.

Read here for more of how emotional mastery is at the core of effective communication.

Learn How to Get Clear With An Executive Communication Coach

It would be amiss for me to not acknowledge that choice of vocabulary does affect perceived intelligence (and competence). Jargons and industry-specific terms can help to reinforce your credibility, and even serve as shorthand. However, we must remember that the core purpose of effective executive communication (and any communication, for that matter) is to achieve clarity.

Without clarity, no (good) work can be done.

executive communication coaching can help you gain more visibility at work

If you are to be an effective leader, your executive communication must lead your conversations to clarity. Sometimes, such clarity can be achieved through industry-shorthand. At other times, it is achieved by stripping away the jargons and speaking plainly. Hence, executive communication coaching is also about cultivating the flexibility to speak the necessary language in the most useful emotional tone, to allow that clarity to surface.

And this requires awareness and agility with emotions, like I have elaborated → here.

How having an executive communication coach can help you too

Jace Chen

I had challenges with communication due to mental barriers. Working with Ellery, I felt these barriers break down, & a new way of being opened up. A truly liberating experience. I’ve even gotten a promotion!

Sherilyn Tan

“Ellery helped me to realize that I can change the tone of communication… I could definitely see the results after a few months of coaching. Now, I am able to regulate myself better as well as handle tough sitations with a clearer mind.

Vikram Ramankutty

“I’m able to be more assertive in my requests to my colleagues & managers. And I’ve been able to adopt a more relaxed stance to issues at work.”

Vannessa Toh

My friend told me I have changed alot – from negative, defensive communication to positive, and are able to look things at different perspectives. This also helps in my work when communicating with clients and colleagues.”

Marlene Gonçlaves

“I actually felt a difference in my posture & its positive consequences, either in myself or in the communication with others.”

Meena Kumaree

I discovered how to say ‘No’, in a way that felt powerful yet safe to express. It was quite an emotional breakthrough for me. I understood that I have a voice & I can use it… If you want to greatly improve your communication, relationships and confidence, Ellery is your coach.”

Lawrence Lee

The most significant experience is the posture that he noticed about me. He guided me to be at the correct position when I am speaking and after that, I speak out more confidently… he helped me understand my issues and practice till I overcome it.

Andy Yeo

I gained more value than I expected. They have manifested in my business, my relationship with my loved ones & in the relationship with myself.”

Rachel Wan

“Working with Ellery was highly worth the investment as I gained so many tools I can use for a lifetime & I have been freed in many ways.”

Daniel Whisby

Ellery is a master of his craft. It is clear that he is able to help people from all walks of life… After, I was able to use my body to control my moods & emotions.”

Simran Kaur Sidhu

“Extremely insightful. By talking through some of my own self doubts, why i felt a certain way and practicing a simple exercise, i was able to gain a better understanding of how i was my own barrier and take away concrete next steps.”

Felicia Andes

“I can see the improvement in my communication & relationship with my loved ones & I am closer to them again.”

Michelle Trisno

“El has helped me figure out these blind spots… I’m able to make my needs known to others, thus making my communication a lot better. I am able to give better clarity to those around me as well, both in work and personal relationships. That opens up a lot of potential and confidence in myself.”

Through personal coaching, you can improve your executive communication and reclaim your confidence at work. This is familiar territory I’ve visited with clients on over the years, as a full-time coach, specializing in communication and confidence.

Every coaching engagement is unique, because each client has different needs, weaknesses and strengths. However, there are processes that unfold every single time:

  • Through open exploration and in-depth reflection, we will uncover your blindspots.
  • Once you can see the cause or nature of your issue, you might also be able to see how you can do things differently so you get different result.
  • I can also guide you to try new ways of saying or doing things, that are effective and feel authentic for you.
  • Together, we will co-create practices that you can adopt, to assimilate what you learn into your regular way of being.
  • I will provide you with honest feedback which you can use to calibrate and fine-tune your new skills.

What coaching is

Coaching is a form of super-customised learning, focused solely on your needs. It is one of the most dignified forms of professional help, because you choose the topic, direction and depth of what you wish to work on.

In fact, my clients are NOT ‘broken’ in any way. They are capable, creative and self-initiated individuals who want to live out their full potential. Many of them are high-performers at their workplace.

They just want support to help them hit their objectives more quickly and with less pain.

If taking ownership of your growth appeals to you, coaching is might be suitable for you.

WhatsApp me now to understand how you and I can work together on your executive communication and leadership presence.

"A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change a life."

~ John R. Wooden